Cleavage GA-Lore

Okay…so how far will a girl stoop to have a feature article written about her in the San Francisco Chronicle? Well…I say just far enough to show the world what she’s made of!

Yes—after oodles of badgering, the Chronicle decided that yes, they like me, they really like me!

What does it all mean? I dunno—a hiker stopped me today on Cascade Trail and said “Are you the Famous Author?” I said, “Oh m’gawd…yes! That’s me! I’M The Famous Author!”

Is this good or what? Anyway…they noticed my fabulous peek-a-boo shoes and new short shorts and at the end of the day that’s all that really matters–right? So please drop me a line and say, YES, it was all worth it, Jennifer, I saw that article and yes…i DO want that Puimond corset and YES, I will check out THE BOOSTER.

I love you all.


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Look Fabulous in Handcuffs!

I can’t believe this slipped by me without a blog mention. Maybe I was too busy with my jet-setting around the world for the fabulous Famous Author Book Tour.

In any case, I’d feel remiss in not pointing out to all my compulsive shoplifting friends that one should always have a roomy white mink poncho on hand for those nasty arrests. A perfect way to hide those unpleasant handcuffs!

So while shopping for your mink, you might begin the countdown to the gorgeous feature on yours truly and The Booster in the Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle. I promise sexy pics (the photographer convinced me to bring out my Custom Puimond Corset) and juicy dish.

Until then.

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