Bestseller List, Hello!!!!

A modern Haiku:

Sleepy Sunday Morning.
In the grips of jetlag.
Ambien just wearing off.
Morning birds chirping.
San Francisco Chronicle over coffee and eggs.
Turn page. Thinking nothing.
There she is.
Shiny and bright.
It’s a lovely day.
The Bestseller List. I am on it.
I mean, my book is on it.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Call the world and tell them.
I exist.

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Oh, Gay Paris!

My Vuitton train cases are packed. My hats are in big fat boxes. Yes, I’m off to Paris – a wandering boheme’s heme away from heme.

I will be buying a new perfume.
I will be flirting mercilessly with smelly French people. I will smoke.
I will stop by and say hello to Linlee at Collette (and leave her The Booster. She’s been dying for it!).

I’ll see you all upon my return, oui?


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