I’m not Jackie Collins but I play her on TV

So “Bad Girls” was quite a delicious evening. I’d like to thank Bad Boy James, her supreme highness, Cameron Tuttle, my rabid fans, Kevin & Batman who shut down the bar and Desmond, king of the false eyelash.

It should be noted that absolutely NOTHING I’m wearing is a natural fiber so at any given moment I could have gone up in flames. Oh, the risks I take for literary notoriety!

So I’ve nibbled at the fruits and berries and now it is time to go back into my cave (see below). See you in WONDERLAND, CA.


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I’ve been dragged out of my slumber for what promises to be an evening of excitment and fabulous clothes.
InsideStoryTime presents:

a lineup of Bay Area ‘Bad Girl’ authors!
Thursday October 19th
Rickshaw Stop
155 Fell Street (Hayes Valley, San Francisco)
$3-10 sliding scale
drinks and food available for purchase

I will be wearing my bubble gum pink patent leather Courreges minidress. What about you?
See y’all there!! xx

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