Paperback out this summer!

The printing presses are heating up. The boxes are ready. The bookstores are waiting. The rabid fans (who did not want to shell out the full $24 for a hardback) are salivating.

YES, The Booster in paperback is almost here. You can buy it in Australia. You can buy it in Italy. You can buy it in France. Someday maybe (bryanboy, help me here) THE TURD WORLD!

They changed the cover and I think it’s quite lovely. More peppy perhaps? More…red?
I hope you enjoy it and as usual, drop me a line.


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I have absolutely no news whatsoever.

It’s been so long. I’ve missed you all. Me? What have I been doing? Well, I’ve been writing, which is the awful byproduct of this whole Famous Author thing…one must hold up one’s end of the bargain.

I also have no photos to share except this one of my friend, Elliot. Elliot came to my reading at Bliss Spa and I really hope you can appreciate the full effect. Can you feel the Elliot-ness? Elliot is a very sparkly guy.

Also…big news: I was in Paris again and went on a perfume tour of all the great perfume houses in the city and I HAVE A NEW FAVORITE PERFUME! Editions de Parfums Frederick Malle is simply swimming in wonderfulness. I bought Le Parfum de Therese which is just so…I dunno…French. I also visited with my delightful friend Linlee at Colette. Linlee is a PR Goddess. She’s moving to LA (for a boy, of course!) and will hopefully land a gig in the indy-movie-PR world. She was thinking that it might be fun to work with Drew Barrymore, so Drew…drop me a line and I’ll connect you.

Meanwhile, if you are very gay and in need of a place to go, stop by Bryan Boy. He’s my new Gay Best Turd World Boyfriend (GBTWB). Baboosh! (tm).

I hope to see you all so soon. New book almost complete. Paperback out this summer. Italian out this summer. French out as soon as they can figure out how to translate chutzpah.

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