I have Great Happiness

In keeping with my shameless promotion of things I adore, people I admire or just stuff that I wish I had thought of first, I have to plug the absolutely jaw-dropping documentary The Great Happiness Space by filmmaker, Jake Clennell. I think you can only get it on Netflix at the moment (yes, I wish they paid me to say that) but I think you need to have it.

Here’s why: I dare anyone not to fall in love with Issei, the hottest thing since, well, something else really hot. He’s a shameless heart breaker with death-defying charisma and fantastic hair. The screen hasn’t sizzled like this since Warren Beatty blew out Julie Christie in Shampoo.

The movie came out in 2006, which means Issei is probably driving his kid to soccer practice by now but for me he will always be the ultimate bad boy. If you need to know more before diving in (yes, Bryanboy, I know you’re already sold), www.thegreathappinessspace.com.

God, I need to go to Osaka.


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