The European tour

Milan > Lake Como > Lagano, Switzerland > Copenhagen > Paris…all in 10 days! The dollar is pathetic so shopping had to be kept to a minimum. As usual, I made a stop at Frederic Malle and this time bought the entire set in mini form. Each morning I try a new parfum instead of just sticking with Therese, which is still the most gorgeous scent on earth. The highlight was meeting my French editor. She made me promise I wouldn’t put her photo on my blog but I just love it too much to hide. Instead, I have made the pic as tiny as a door-mouse. The Metro sign! The Eiffel Tower! My book in French! So sorry, D.D.! I hope you will forgive me…and merci buckets for the tasty steak tartare!Jennifer, the book, Milan

Milan was oh-so-Christmas-y. It was also as cold as a witch’s tit. (I had to go to Switzerland and buy a warmer coat. I just HAD to!) I found my hardback in a number of bookstores. It was also the opening night at La Scala. How fab is that? I stayed in this really grand hotel with lots of little gold bits and everyone spoke ITALIAN! It was very glamorous.

I gained about a zillion pounds, which is not funny at all, but I drowned my sorrows with a beautiful new handbag from ABACO. It was less expensive than the Louboutins I almost bought and way more comfy.


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