Who has better shoes? Candace Bushnell or me?

Okay, so Candace has a few New York Times bestsellers…AND a few movies and television shows under her belt…AND she is WAY skinnier than I am…AND married to a ballet dancer with really hot buns…AND maybe you can’t really see it from the photographs, but I am wearing P-R-A-D-A and I think that must count for something.

So seriously, Candace is, as Jane Green says, brilliant, and she cups her buns when she poses, which wins her big points in my book.

If you missed our evening on stage together, tant pis! it was one night only at The Lark Theater.

I’m finishing book 2 and book 3 and my future is in the hands of my capable agent — until then, I will buy no more shoes and finish (I swear) Candace’s new book.


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