From the Preppy Princess herself!

I love hearing from new friends but when I get really busy I forget to let them know how very much I appreciate it. So I got this note from The Preppy Princess (I know her real name but it may in fact be classified information) and I wanted to make sure I made the time to say thanks.

Here’s what she had to say about The Aristobrats:

Where were you when I was a tween and needed this to read?!

Jennifer, it really is outstanding! The story really snagged me, I loved reading about Parker’s trials and tribulations with the mini-newscast she had to do, the cameraman (is he returning in Aristobrats 2?), Tribb, all of the LYLAS.

The descriptions paint a great picture inside the school and out, the whole tale of the assembly and who was sitting in whom’s seats — arrghh, cue ‘Memories’! I felt so sad for little Parker as her mother put the house up for sale.  Now I am going to have to finish it, I became that engaged with the characters.

We are more than happy to recommend it to Princess Moms for their daughters, or any others they may be considering books for!

The Preppy Princess

Many thanks to you, PP! And go visit her for a truly royal prepsta experience. And I always do love hearing from you even if I can’t post all your notes. Feel free write to me or leave a comment and say hello!


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