My dad is going to burning man?!

Okay, so I get this email from my dad this morning. It says, “Thanks for your nice wishes on our anniversary. I feel so lucky that your mother and I have had forty-seven years together. Tomorrow is your mom’s first day back at school and I’m going to Burning Man with the Kushners.”


Okay, so I’d get if he was going to play golf with the Kushners, or perhaps a few days in the country with the Kushners, or even, in the craziest stretch of my imagination, a cruise to Alaska with the Kushners, but BURNING MAN?

He says that he (and the Kushners) “arrive Thursday morning and leave after they burn the man.”


I truly cannot imagine it – my father, from the planet Pittsburgh in the galaxy Pennsylvania, landing on the planet where they “burn the man.”

I told him to remember to bring his ecstasy, some furry clothing and body paint. I sent him a few photos (like the one in this post) so he gets the idea. I’m not sure how Ralph Lauren khakis are going to fare.

Have fun, Dad! Send a postcard!

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  1. Whoa! For one brief moment my heart skipped a beat when I thought that was an actual picture of your Dad. It’s not your Dad, right?

  2. No worries – here’s my dad’s actual Burning Man costume:

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