The Aristobrats? Sold out? In one day? Excuse me?

Okay, so today, in less than ONE day, it would appear that we’ve sold out of every copy of The Aristobrats in existence.

It’s an OMGasp moment and a testament to what bloggers can do because not a single newspaper or magazine (even Publisher’s Weekly) gave a peep about it.

All I can say is – if you can get your hands on a copy, let me know. I couldn’t even get one! I might have to start bidding on Ebay.

And warm up those printing presses!

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  1. I got two copies yesterday, one for my shelf (future for my daughter) and one for my niece (soon to turn 10). *grin*

  2. Wow congratulations! That isbeyond exciting 🙂

    I need to go out and get Aristobrats, hopefully if my bookstore doesn’t have it, my library will.

  3. Congratulations! Hoping to win a copy from The Book Buff – I know my daughter would love it!

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