Praise for The Aristobrats

“A perfect middle school read: fun and breezy with depth…Each Aristobrat is true to herself and they respect their differences. I look forward to more books in the series.”
– School Library Journal

“A friendship series for the generation of tweens raised on Facebook and YouTube, “The Aristobrats” brings acclaimed author Solow’s talents to the readership she deserves”
Indie Bound

“Simply delightful…(The Aristobrats) is loads of fun, as well as a good message for the young ladies we know, without being preachy or tedious.”
The Preppy Princess

“Get excited about falling in love with a very fun read, The Aristobrats!”
The Preppy Pink Crocodile

“Peppered with lessons about being yourself, and appreciating your uniqueness..I’d love my little girl to read these books as I think they are very positive in message and very importantly…fun!”
– The Book Buff

“…a fantastic middle grade book and a must read.”
Cindy’s Love of Books

“An all around awesome addition to the tween reading list.”
-Lauren’s Crammed Bookshelf

“Filled with positive messages and great friendships, I can’t wait to see where this series goes next.”
–The Book Scout

“You will find yourself cheering for the Lylas!”
–Spot to Read

“A valuable message about true friendship.”
Mundie Moms

“Fresh, fabulous, and completely cute Middle Grade novel.”
YA Book Queen

The themes of loyalty and remaining true to one’s own style are both present and positive.”
Kirkus Reviews

“I want to read more by Jennifer Solow soon!”
Beyond Books

Praise for The Booster

“A spectacular debut . . . thrilling!”
—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

“A delicious guilty pleasure!”
—The New York Post

“Solow writes remarkably well—both tender and razor sharp.”
—The Plain Dealer (Cleveland)

The Booster is a true original. I thoroughly enjoyed this warm, witty, well-written book.”
—Jane Green, author of The Other Woman

“Solow has neatly dropped her literary beach towel next to the spot of sand occupied by Kate White and Sophie Kinsella.”
The Boston Globe

“A heart-stopping look at the pathology of a fabulously dressed shoplifter.”
The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

The Booster is taut and also fraught with the real value of luxury goods.”
—New York Daily News

“Jennifer Solow’s writing talent is clearly evident. . . . A solid, well-written first effort.”
—Tampa Tribune

“Solow brings something new to this genre.”
—Janet Maslin, New York Times

“[The Booster] will keep you guessing (and laughing and gasping) until the very end.”
—Zink Magazine

“A thoughtful and sometimes piercing, character study.”
Book Reporter

“Loved it! Jennifer Solow is a clever funny writer, but a bad, bad, wicked, evil girl”
—Simon Doonan, author of Nasty

“Filled with New York City observations so exact and unflinching, you feel like Solow packs a hidden camera—a truly fun read with dark humor, big heart, and plenty of chutzpah.”
—Jill Kargman, co-author of The Right Address and Wolves in Chic Clothing

“A brilliant, scary, and very funny first novel.”
—Allison Lurie, Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Foreign Affairs

The Booster is a roller-coaster rode through the high times and the tribulations of fabulous city life. It shows that real New Yorkers don’t go down without a fight!”
—Cynthia Rowley, designer

“A sharp novel.”
—Harper’s Bazaar (Hot Pick for March 2006)

“Jennifer is taking over where ‘Sex and the City’ left off.”
—David Evangelista. CBS Early Show

“This debut author has buckets of talent and her first release is sure to win her many admirers.”
—Romantic Times

“So scandalous . . . this one kept me entertained.”
—Jane magazine

“A light year’s leap beyond chick lit.”
The Pittsburgh Tribune

“…tackling edgier and darker questions.”
—USA Today

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